Ancillary Research: Band’s Logo Research

As our ancillary tasks to go with music video we have to design a digipack and website for the album. For our band “Baahgi: The Rebelious” we have to come up with a Logo which will be endorsed with the album on the website and the digipack. This logo will become a part of the identity of the band. This will be a part of the brand and the star image.

To come up with a unique logo for the band I looked at different logos picked up different codes and conventions that I can integrate in our own logo.

The band “Junoon” a famous sufi rock band from Pakistan integrated their text based logo with the urdu letter jeem (ج) in the background.


Another local band LAAL(Red) has a logo which is a typographic logo. The font colour is red like their name and its grungy which gives it a rough look. Rock bands usually are rebellious s


Queen, the classical British rock band has a very unique logo. Its a combination of an illustration and typographic.

queen_logo_3009Maroon 5 changes its logo with its album release every time but it keeps one thing constant with every logo the roman V for 5 integrated with the M in maroon.

tumblr_mulxf8ieJT1s0bqcko6_500originalThe rolling stones has its classic logo which has never changed. Its an illustrated logo.


Green Day has a typographic logo which is in a italic and bold san serif font. It too has the grungy look to it. It’s also given a graffiti effect which shows they are rebels and against authority.

Green_Day_Logo Green_Day_Trilogy_Logo

AC/DC has a typographic logo too in red with a lighting bolt as the / sign.


The Guns N Roses logo is a illustrated logo with two guns pointing in the opposite directions covered with thorns of the roses. This is quite a symbolic logo.


Arctic Monkeys an indie rock band has a typographic logo with a little illustration to show the sound waves.


Snow Patrol has a typographic logo with an illustrated snowflake in red on the right. Using only three colors in their logos, black, white and red creates contrast with the snowflake standing out.



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